The Cut is one of the oldest surviving passenger Railway Stations in England. It was opened on the 14th November 1830.

The area surrounding The Cut has a very chequered history. It was reportedly the home to twelve 'witches' from the 17th century. The twelve were accused of murdering up to ten people. They were brought to trial in the infamous Lancashire Witch Trials where ten of the witches were found guilty and executed by hanging.

Just down from the Post office an archaeological discovery revealed mutilated and burned bones of at least 17 people buried in a pit. It's thought the mutilations were carried out on the bodies after their death, out of fear that the dead might rise and walk among the living. And there have been many reports that the tea in the Station Buffet always tastes a bit odd.

This is Bonkys Circus 10th visit to the Cut and they are overjoyed to be back.

All stories begin somewhere…

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